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I Buy Music. by Jeff Taylor
October 18, 2011, 5:36 am
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New header photograph courtesy of my brother, Logan.

Today, after a long wait, the two of us listened to the new album of one of our favorite musicians – they’re streaming their latest full-length record on the web.

I could have heard a leaked copy weeks ago, but as I considered this option, I remembered being a teenager. How many times did I wait for months, weeks, days, then hours – with bated breath – for the release date of the new _________ album..? Remember that?

How about hunting through stacks and stacks of ‘used’ cd’s & tapes just to find singles and b-sides from your favorite bands’ records. Remember that? It wasn’t always as easy as typing in the artist name and scrolling through a list of every full-length and EP release a band had ever done.

There was a luck-of-the-draw involved. You had to get to the store before it closed, or you had to wait until the next day, when there was still only a 50/50 shot you’d score the CD you were looking for. If they didn’t have it, you had the clerk put the item on back order. “It should get here next Monday. Give us a call that morning; if we haven’t gotten the UPS delivery, we’ll call you back and you can pick it up later that day or the following morning.” Oh, man. REMEMBER that?!

Something about that hunt made the music I acquired pulse warm in my hands like a heavy idol from deep in a lava pit: It stuck out as more beautiful than anything else on the radio, but I had to wait for it to cool and cure before handling it. With more and more records leaking before their release date, they no longer retain that heat and beauty they once possessed…for me, anyway.

I’m gonna try to do something about that.


p.s. – Confirmed: ‘Jeff Taylor’ performing at Rockwood Music Hall Friday, November 25th. ‘Jeff Taylor’ performing at Mercury Lounge on Saturday, December 17th, 2011. Also performing that night: ‘Chappo,’ and ‘Lucius.’ More info TBA.