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The Dog Stars of Summer. by Jeff Taylor
August 9, 2011, 2:26 pm
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Hello, Folks.

We’re definitely in the Dog Days of Summer – the hottest, most humid, dragging of the year. Living in the city means this is our time to rush around on sweltering streets, hustle down positively tropical subway staircases – sweating in our finest fines – only to step briskly onto frigid train cars. The perfect recipe for a summertime cold.

I’ve skipped the sickness stuff, thank you very much. In the meantime, here’s Sirius. The Dog Star. The Egyptians and Greeks among other ancient civilizations observed that the rising of Sirius announced the beginning of Summer.

The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius was noted by Egyptian astronomers to appear just before sunset – meaning the star had moved far enough away from The Sun to be observed so early in the evening. This usually was followed shortly afterward by the annual flooding of the Nile River, so for them the Dog Star’s arrival in the feverish roast of late summer was more than an Astral Advent; it was an Automatic Announcement.

Other Dog Stars Include:


We (the whole band) will play Brooklyn Indie Fest on Saturday, September 17th at Littlefield. Very excited to get out there with you and breathe fresh air. I’ve been stuck inside this computer since Friday, April 29th, when last our band played a show.



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The only purpose of riding a subway in August is air conditioning. Where you are going means nothing. The pursuit of air conditioning will result in a landscape of pulchritudinous possibilities.

Comment by "The" Charles

You are the man. Come out this Thursday night – Midnight at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1… Free.

Comment by dumpsterhunter

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