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Landscapes & Friends. Video. Festival Announcement. by Jeff Taylor
July 15, 2011, 7:30 am
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Alright, folks. We’re havin’ a lotta fun this summer. The studio is alive with the sounds of coagulating critters; our band is playing a festival at the end of the season; friends are checking in from all over the country to say, “Hello, friend; It’sAllComin’Together™.”

    First up

: An announcement regarding our forthcoming LP: Many songs are nearing completion. A single, ‘It Swell’ will be released to you very soon.** We’re going to come up with something creative for getting it into your ears. Perhaps we’ll let you pay for the pressing then come to your home and do your laundry/dishes/foot massaging. Standby.


: As mentioned above, I have put out the bat signal to some friends of mine. These people are untethered – traveling around the U.S. of A. like university freshmen on Spring Break ’00. They are Jet Set’ers and Safe Bet’ers. See below their great smiles, fondness for fresh air, and willingness to snap a photo for use in the below collage. … Ob-zurruve.

Pictured from top-left, heading clockwise are my friends: Sara Bareilles, Javier Dunn, Dan Rhine, Rachel Sawyer, Phil Krohnengold, Zac Colwell, Yours Truly, David Heilman & Patrick Dougherty. It’s fun to paste everyone together … almost as fun as getting everyone in one place to hang out for a while. Might do this again soon…. but, moving on.


: With the announcement that we will be making a live appearance at Brooklyn Indie Fest 2011, we offer for your review this video of the song ‘Dust.’

Performing with me are some of my best friends: Steve Wall (keys), Mark Guiliana (drums), and Neal Persiani (bass).

Finally, Thank You for a great year-to-date – See you real soon.**
Jeff T

** Nah.


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