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Belgian Tour Nearly Complete by Jeff Taylor
January 19, 2011, 9:05 pm
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Tonight we’re playing in Lier.  This is the first of the three remaining shows.  Here are a few images to share from my travels in Belgium.

Above are pictured Dirk Van Gompel (on left – lighting engineer) and Luc Pauly (on right – sound engineer).  They handled things for all of my sets with Gabriel.  Many thanks, fellas.

Here’s the Gravensteen, the only surviving castle in Flanders, the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium.  Constructed between 1157-1191, it’s been used over the centuries as a prison, a mint, a cotton plant, and of course as a museum (its current calling)…  Anyway it’s a castle and the first one I’ve ever seen. Bazinga*.

The following picture is for Larry D.

Finally, a temporary farewell to Billy Kerkhofs, the guitar technician and not-so-old patriarch of the Gabriel Rios crew.  Always a true Belgian gentleman, he is seen here with an offering of fruit for the photographer.

With Love From Belgium,


*Bazinga – An exclamatory term used by police officers and deejays in Sint-Amandsberg, Ghent.

p.s.- Addendum: I just found out that the term, ‘Bazinga,’ is actually from a network TV show.  20 Jan


Signs of Time & Gig Updates: PastPresentFuture by mri1
January 4, 2011, 4:21 am
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As I was stepping out of the shower today, I realized that it’s been over three weeks since I landed in Brussels and started playing shows with Gabriel & Trixie.  Here is a visual tour of the physical cues which reminded me of the time passed: Don’t worry, it’s short.

See above My Black Eye.  To my friends at Bay Parkway in Brooklyn: This injury was sustained on stage, not on the street. ; )

Finally, see above My Soap.  At the outset of the tour a lovely, unused bar bearing the mold and mark of its maker, Filthy Soap, it is now a wee chip of its former self.  Thank you, Candice Forness.

Updated Gig List – Past Present & Future:

*=w/Trixie Whitley, #=w/Gabriel Rios

19 December – Muziekgieterij, Maastricht, Holland*

22 Le Tipi, Liege, Belgium*

23-29 December – A wonderful winter holiday with close friends. Dankuwel.

30 December – NTG, Gent, Belgium*

2 January – Rataplan, Antwerp, Belgium*

3 January – Rataplan, Antwerp, Belgium (Cancelled)*

4 January – NTG, Gent, Belgium*

5 January – CC ‘t Vondel, Halle, Belgium#

6 January – CC Ter Vesten, Beveren, Belgium#

7 January – CC De Spil, Roselare, Belgium#

8 January – Den Egger, Scherpenheuvel, Belgium#

9 January – CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium#

10 January – NTG, Gent, Belgium#

11 January – CC De Werf, Aalst,  Belgium#

12 January – CC De Herbakker, Eeklo, Belgium#

13 January – CC Casino Koksijde, Belgium#

16 January – CC De Werft, Geel, Belgium#

19 January – CC De Mol, Lier, Belgium#

21 January – Rataplan, Antwerp, Belgium#

25 February – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, NYC, United States

See you soon!