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Lokeren A Basement. by Jeff Taylor
December 15, 2010, 4:59 pm
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Hey, folks.  All’s well over here in Belgium.  I’m staying in Gent (that’s the Dutch/Flemish spelling), where in 1814 was signed the Treaty of Ghent, ending the War of 1812 with our cousins in England.

Bram, my manager is Belgian; thus I’m in safe hands around these parts.  We’ve gone around his neighborhood to some little bakeries that have moved me in a spiritual way – I’d never tasted bread 1/2 as fresh.  Here’s a view down ‘our block’ in Ghent:

In lieu of a tour bus or the X-Men plane, we’ve (Gabriel Rios, Jeff Neve, and I) been riding to gigs in a sporty little Peugeot – it’s a cool car, but we have to take turns riding in the rear glove box.  Luckily most of the gigs aren’t more than 45 minutes-1 hour away:

Right now, Gabriel’s trio are finishing up their sound check, here at the Cultural Center in Lokeren.  Here’s a look at the venue from behind Kobe Proesman, the drummer’s riser:

Setlists from recent shows:

Saturday, 11 Dec – Stadschouwssburg – Sint-Niklaas, BE:   Frustration In Time Travel, It Swell, Rockstar & A Holy Man, Tristate Orphan, Howl You

Sunday, 12 Dec – CC Stroming – Evergem, BE:  Frustration In Time Travel, It Swell, Rockstar & A Holy Man, I’m Still Here (T.Waits), Howl You

Tuesday, 14 Dec – CC Mechelen, BE:

I leave you with an incredible quote from today’s edition of Ghent’s daily paper, Het Volk:

“I got a European cell phone, bitch.” – Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin

I miss you all and I do remain, Sirs & Madams,

Your Humble Servant Abroad,



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So sorry I missed you at the Duc des Lombards on Tuesday. At least I saw Jef Neve at the Olympia on Monday! You’re both so talented.

Comment by olivier

Hey Jeff!
What a pity I didn’t know you were playing with Mark on Tuesday, I went to the Duc the day after…
But I saw Jef Neve at the Olympia on Monday!
Looking forward to seeing you in France very soon.
Merry Christmas!

Comment by olivier

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