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Belgium – The First Two Days by Jeff Taylor
December 11, 2010, 6:30 pm
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Above is a sneak-around backstage at tonight’s venue.

I’m in Sint-Niklaas, at the Staadschouwsburg. Staadschouwsburg is a name for the type of theatre it is, not anything having to do with its unique background.

Last night’s setlist at the Cultural Center in Bornem, Belgium was as follows.

Frustration In Time Travel
It Swell
Rockstar & A Holy Man
Tristate Orphan
Kadoka (Solo)

The audience in Bornem was attentive and applauded after each song – they were silent otherwise. Not that I did much in the way of stage banter – ah – then there’s the fact that I don’t speak a lick of Flemish.  I’m workin’ it:

Het is een eer om en Sint-Niklaas te spalen.

I go on in about 30 minutes. Have a great afternoon in the states.



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I really liked your concert tonight.
And if it’s true that you want to learn the language take this:
je gaf mij ‘kiekenvlees’

Thanks a lot (you’ve touched my soul)

Comment by norbert de beule

THank you for the kind words, Norbert! Belgium is treating me very well and I’m getting goosebumps every night ;°
yours truly

Comment by dumpsterhunter

Dear Jeff

We saw you yesterday in Sint-Niklaas. Your music was initially a bit surprising, didn’t quite know what to think. But now you have two fans in Sint-Niklaas 🙂 So keep up studying Dutch, we wanna hear you again 🙂



Comment by Ann Van Remoortere


You rock. The CC in Sint-Niklaas is beautiful and I had a great time, for sure. Dank je wel!
I’ll be with Gabriel & Trixie Whitley throughout most of January, so come to another show and say hi!

Comment by dumpsterhunter

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