Jeff Taylor

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC! “Gigs, Founding Persons, Breakfast, & Iron Horses.” by Jeff Taylor

A sloshy, tepid Tuesday tack-up of “Gigs, Founding Persons, Breakfast, & Iron Horses.”  (For a multimedia experience, mouse over links as you read…)

Today: Stationed in the unpredictable environs of Bushwick, Brooklyn. No saying what beasts loom! Life abounds beneath my soleworn Cons.

Note to self – On this morning’s walk…could feel, through threadbare argyle socks, holey, faux-rubber shoe bottoms, and ground slathered with blackened slush the terrible, senseless pounding of mammoth animal dukes on the lofty roof of the infernal underplace.

The sanctuary of this warm, lighted workspace inspires in me such ardor as to write you and report my relief at being embraced by such venerable hosts as today harbor Your Humble Servant.

Gigs: Fri Feb 26 Rockwood Music Hall 11pm (Full Band) / Sat Feb 27 Rockwood Music Hall 12am (Fancy Colors) / Wed Mar 10 Blender Theatre at Gramercy 8:30pm (Jeff Taylor & Elizabeth Ziman).

Founding Persons: Abraham Baldwin & Jonathan Dayton – lest we should forget their high accomplishment in 1804, just after the Louisiana Purchase. These gentlemen, both signers of our Constitution, took in tandem a baby step toward the eventual abolition of the slave trade.

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/cinnamon & banana, Coffee, G.Smith Apple.

Iron Horses: Uptown F, Brooklyn L.

Jeff Taylor

p.s. – Please enjoy this video of ‘It Swell,’ shot by our webmaster at Wheaton College, Nov 25 2009.


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In 1804 I was otherwise occupied exploring the newly acquired, uncharted territory of the upper Missouri. I know not of these esteemed gentlemen Baldwin and Dayton, though I will no doubt learn of their historic exploits upon my return from the great Western ocean. ~ Capt. M. Lewis, U.S. Army, Corps of Discovery

Comment by Meriwether Lewis

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