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Anablog – 2/26/10 + Show Tonight + Sorry Grandma Video by mri1
February 26, 2010, 4:39 pm
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Jeff Taylor Anablog 2-26-10Anablog 2/26/10

We’ve got some new recordings floating around the office.

John has a wild animal cave on the hill.

They confiscated my phone at the P.O.S.

Pantry is chalk full of Hemotoads.

Okay, hopefully I’ll see you all out at Rockwood Tomorrow (Tonight) Night.

“Allot pent up beasts their clean air to gulp!”

-Your Humble Servant.



Friday’s Rockwood Music Hall show: Program Change! by Jeff Taylor
February 19, 2010, 6:36 pm
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Tristate Orphans: A Slight Change in Friday Evening’s Events:


(new) p.s. – “Altered events, Still real content.” – Carl Sandberg, Historian

(old) (p.)p.s. – “Camera-shy but concise, Bee-hive but it’s nice.” – H.W. Longfellow, Poet

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC! “Gigs, Founding Persons, Breakfast, & Iron Horses.” by Jeff Taylor

A sloshy, tepid Tuesday tack-up of “Gigs, Founding Persons, Breakfast, & Iron Horses.”  (For a multimedia experience, mouse over links as you read…)

Today: Stationed in the unpredictable environs of Bushwick, Brooklyn. No saying what beasts loom! Life abounds beneath my soleworn Cons.

Note to self – On this morning’s walk…could feel, through threadbare argyle socks, holey, faux-rubber shoe bottoms, and ground slathered with blackened slush the terrible, senseless pounding of mammoth animal dukes on the lofty roof of the infernal underplace.

The sanctuary of this warm, lighted workspace inspires in me such ardor as to write you and report my relief at being embraced by such venerable hosts as today harbor Your Humble Servant.

Gigs: Fri Feb 26 Rockwood Music Hall 11pm (Full Band) / Sat Feb 27 Rockwood Music Hall 12am (Fancy Colors) / Wed Mar 10 Blender Theatre at Gramercy 8:30pm (Jeff Taylor & Elizabeth Ziman).

Founding Persons: Abraham Baldwin & Jonathan Dayton – lest we should forget their high accomplishment in 1804, just after the Louisiana Purchase. These gentlemen, both signers of our Constitution, took in tandem a baby step toward the eventual abolition of the slave trade.

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/cinnamon & banana, Coffee, G.Smith Apple.

Iron Horses: Uptown F, Brooklyn L.

Jeff Taylor

p.s. – Please enjoy this video of ‘It Swell,’ shot by our webmaster at Wheaton College, Nov 25 2009.

Up In Barryville, NY by Jeff Taylor
February 5, 2010, 5:16 pm
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Hey everybody –

Recently, we played a full band gig at Rockwood; thanks for supporting.  My duo show at the same venue, with Adam Levy, was another fun one.  Right now we’re up in Barryville, NY.  This is our second time coming here to rehearse for our upcoming recording sessions.  It sure is good to get out of the city for a few days.


VIDEo: Jeff Taylor Anablog 2/3/10 by mri1
February 5, 2010, 4:20 pm
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WHOA!  A VIDEO of a BLOG??!!!  We’re meta like that.  Check it out, and once we post the video of the video of this video being created, you will turn inside out and explode.  Time has no meaning.

Jeff Taylor Anablog 8 – 2/3/10 by mri1
February 5, 2010, 4:48 am
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Jeff Taylor Anablog 2-4-10

Anablog – 2/3/10 – Public Space, Madison + 55th

In the midst of rehearsals & trips back and forth between Eldred, NY & the g r e a t e r  m e t r o p o l i t a n area with the fellas and co.  Some ice skating* and black bean soup (chef + bass player Mike Severson), new section in “It Swell”, producer/engineer John Siket – ferocious night beast deck thwapping, compost machine.

Ok ok ok.  Meeting in thirty minutes at destination thirty five minutes away.  Always let that good glow inside.



*sliding around in low-cut cons…

TONIGHT! Rockwood Music Hall w/Adam Levy by mri1
February 2, 2010, 9:53 pm
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Tonight at 9 pm.  Jeff Taylor w/ Adam Freakin’ Levy!

Rockwood Music Hall.

See You There.

See You There.

See You There

There You See.