Jeff Taylor

Anablog 6 by mri1
October 6, 2009, 4:52 pm
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Jeff Taylor Anablog 6

Jeff Taylor Anablog 6 <—MY FRIEND

Boy oh Boy –

To just let My greatest biggest influences in the front door and man the lighthouse for a change – What’s so bad about that?  Got the urge to get on the road for a little bit that’s for sure – but the whole “don’t run away from what’d really solve the puzzle,’ thing keeps shocking me back to my senses.

Not sure the shocks will stop me from acting like a 15-year old, though…

We’re gonna put up a full-length performance movie in the next little while, since the label wants more/different recordings before they’ll let us put out a record.

Working with Steve Wall, Mark Guiliana, Neal Persiani, Rick Morrison, Rob Hecht, Ryan Warnberg, John Siket, Zac Colwell, Patrick Daugherty, etc, on some new material.

Please return 3D goggles at the front desk.  Live in this moment.

-Jeff T.


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