Jeff Taylor

Anablog #1 – 6/11/09 by mri1
June 16, 2009, 4:31 pm
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Jeff Taylor Anablog 1

Jeff Taylor Anablog 1

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Jeff Taylor anablogvelope

Jeff Taylor anablogvelope




Anablog #1

Hi.  It’s 3:01 a.m. and I’m home.  Looks like I’ll be home for the better part of the summer of this year, too.  Gonna get some good work done , though.  We’ve got big plans for some music – might put some of it on CD’s and records and try to peddle it to you.

A personal message:

Your vocabulary is better than mine, but I am a master-of-grammar.  Personal msg: STOP.

If you are reading this then we have something in common; we’re both Lucky People (TM).

Don’t fight it, let it in Don’t let it fight for you, let it win.  Maybe thousands of cakestrings and a couple hundred pounds of rubber will get us where we wanna go – ?

Ok I’ve gotta go to sleeeeep for a while.

I’ve got a good feeling,



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